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Having a Smoking Section in a restaurant is a little like having a peeing section in a pool!
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INTRO // April 2004
:. Walpurgis nightEDITDELETE 2004-04-30
It is something special with fires

Normally on Walpurgis night we either have guests or spend it at some friends place, but since Laila had to work late and Alex had hockeypractice we decided to stay home and just eat some good food and later on go and see the fire being lit. They had some fireworks there as well...

I also happend to consume some beer and wine when we had dinner and doing that after a weeks work made the saturday quite painfull...

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:. Mystic RiverEDITDELETE 2004-04-24

The hairdresser my wife goes to has opened up her own place (with 7 others) and had a opening party which we attended this afternoon. The place is called VITA and looks to be a cool place... Afterwards we got an impulse to go and see a movie, so we saw Mystic River.

Well, what can I say, we don┤t go to the movies that much, so we look at such an old movie.Anyway, it makes you think about how you judge people. I think it was a good movie, not my kind though, but still a good movie... Afterwards we went for a bite to eat on a Japanese resturant.

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:. Easter activitiesEDITDELETE 2004-04-09

We have been free from work for four days, from friday until monday, and since easter is a time to visist relatives we have been both home to my parents and to Lailas parents being feed with alot of food and candy.

Since the wheater has been lovely we have spent quite some time in out int the garden as well, chopping wood, oiling the wooden deck, trimming bushes and trees but mainly removing alot of undergrowth on the house lot, it was starting to look like more like a jungle last year but now it looks really nice. A big pile of branches has been gathered so in a couple of weeks when we are allowed to have a fire we will have that burnt.

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