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INTRO // August 2004
:. Anneli's and Peter's marriageEDITDELETE 2004-08-14
Anneli and Peter

Peter and Anneli got married today in Hudiksvall. We had taken a day off from work and travelled up the day before together with Peter and Linda in Peter's new Audi. When we arrived we took a look around the surroundings and found a nice place to have dinner. It was a smart move to travel up one day ahead, we just relaxed and where having a nice time.

They had choosen not to have a church wedding but instead the cermony where held close to the water and just near the nice building where the party afterwards where held. They read poems to each other during the act and also one of their friends sang a song.

Thank you for a lovely wedding cermony! Me and my family whishes you all the best on your journey through life together, take good care of each other and your kids.

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:. Vitabergsparken with friendsEDITDELETE 2004-08-06
Laila with Lukas plus Peter and Linda

Today we spent some time in Vitabersparken which is a park in the central area of Stockholm. It has nice surroundings and an amphiteather where you can see performances from time to time. This was such a time, but really, it is just an excuse for getting together, having a picknick and spending time with friends. All in all we where quite many, me and Laila plus Anders, Kika, Nathalie, Peter, Linda, Åke, Kajsa, Lukas and Helen.

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:. Peter's stag partyEDITDELETE 2004-08-02
Peter with a drink

Today we took Peter on his stag party! It was not one of those things you don´t remember afterwards because everybody was so drunk, but instead we had a nice time at a Japanese Yasuragi at Hasseludden a bith east of Stockholm. We spent almost the hole day there and afterwards went to Hellasgården to play some ball, barbecue and just have fun.

We went into town when the dark fell and played boule under the bridge at Danvikstull where they have boule lanes just alongside the canal. I had a great time and I hope the stag party was enjoyed by Peter himself as well!

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